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Lipogaine (3 in 1) Treatment for Women


FDA approved ingredient for the treatment of hair loss:

Minoxidil is the No.1 hair growth product in the United States, It is the only FDA approved product to hair loss treatment.


Biotin is widely considered as the most important vitamin for healthier and stronger hair by beauticians.

Proprietary herb blend of DHT blocker:

Proprietary liposome delivery system for more effective delivery.

Product Description

Hair loss and thinning hair can be brought on by a variety of different conditions. The most common type of hair loss is referred to pattern hair loss (or Androgenic Alopecia).
Male and female pattern hair loss affects 50% of men and women by 50 years of age. The slow, relentless, involuntary loss of hair creates emotional stress for millions. Countless Internet sites and late night infomercials purport to have discovered a “miracle” cure for pattern hair loss. Unfortunately, these “cures” are nonexistent and only serve to create cynicism and further stress for patients.

Fortunately, there are safe, effective medications available to treat pattern hair loss. The most widely accepted explanation for male pattern hair loss is the DHT theory. DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone, a byproduct of testosterone created by the enzyme 5-Reductase. During puberty, high levels of DHT in the body are normal and aid in the development of secondary sexual characteristics. Later, in life however, high levels of DHT can have negative effects on hair health. Essentially, DHT will attach itself to the hair follicle depriving it of nutrition and causing atrophy (shrinking). Eventually the follicle will fall out.

What is the significance of this? Only two types of treatments are going to work: Treatments that reduce DHT level, or treatments that stimulate growth despite it. There are countless hair loss products on the market, which work either by reducing the DHT level or by stimulating hair growth. Lipogaine is the first that does both. It stimulates hair growth and reduces DHT level by infusing a array of clinically proven natural DHT blockers into one convenient solution. By combining hair growth stimulators, proprietary herbal blend DHT blockers and Vitamins into one formula, Lipogaine not only delivers results that no other single product does, but also saves users a tremendous amount of money.