Prominox 1 Hair Loss Shampoo


Combines effective Minoxidil & Trichogen to help stop hair loss, thinning hair and promote new hair growth. Jojoba Oil, Panthenol and Emu Oil condition and add moisture & strength. Deep cleans oil, dirt and bacteria!

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Prominox 1 Hair Loss Shampoo

Prominox 1 Hair Loss Shampoo is the first shampoo to combine hair regrowth benefits and effectiveness of Minoxidil and Trichogen.
These key ingredients provide short and long-term hair growth results while deep cleaning oil, dirt, product residue and bacteria – leaving hair fresh, clean and manageable!
Enhanced with Biotin (Vitamin B-7), Silk Proteins and Panthenol, Prominox 1 provides conditioning to leave your hair stronger, soft and manageable. Jojoba Oil and Emu Oil penetrate the follicle shaft improving flexibility and moisture content to resist breaking, damage and frizz.
  • Minoxidil and Trichogen hair growth formula – excellent for those suffering from hair loss, thinning and slow hair growth
  • Encourages short and long-term regrowth benefits
  • Enhanced with Silk Proteins for improved shine and strength
  • Cleans dirt, oil, product build-up and bacteria while conditioning
  • Ideal to complement hair loss regimens for women and men!

The Power of Minoxidil & Trichogen for Addressing Hair Loss!

Considered a leading shampoo hair loss ingredient among researchers, Minoxidil is effective for supplemental treatment of balding, chronic shedding, hair loss and thinning hair from chemotherapy, weight loss, postpartum, stress, iron and Vitamin D deficiency. Its application may promote new hair growth and can be effective for helping inhibit DHT enzymes that lead to male pattern balding and receding hairline.
Trichogen’s 14+ botanical extracts stimulate scalp circulation increasing blood flow, nutrient delivery and healthy papilla, root, and new follicle development. Its long-term hair growth benefits help enhance slowing growth, hair loss and aiding development for thicker, faster growing hair. When combined with Minoxidil, you get an effective hair loss shampoo solution to complement and support your loss, thinning or restoration treatment regimen.

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